How Social Distancing is creating an impact on disposal of waste?

disposal of waste

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England’s council authorities are taking measures to implement the right steps for the disposal of waste during this Covid-19 Pandemic

The major cause of collection and disposal of waste disruptions is due to social distancing. The survey has been thrown light upon by the Covid-19 local authority (LA) as they continue to report over the different level of waste collection. 

The impact of social distancing has rooted for the disruption in the collection and disposal of waste services nearly by 37 percent and 35 percent respectively. Leave due to illness has also further impacted on the disruption of collection services nearly by 23 percent of LAs. It becomes the third-highest causing disruption in disposal services for waste management

How is local authority (LAs) functioning? 

  • The main centre for residual and recycling collections are functioning normally. 
  • Some of the LAs have seen a slight disruption in the waste management services
  • 84 percent of residual waste is functioning well while 15 percent has glitches. 
  • Featuring recycling collections, nearly a degrade of 22 percent has been faced as stated by the authorities of LAs. 
  • On the other hand, garden waste collection can visualise a slow recovery of 74 percent. 
  • 57 percent of the bulky waste services are functioning at a normal pace. 

Most of the Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) are open regardless of the impact in the disposal services. The disruption though has taken a toll due to the staff sickness and absence. 

On the whole, waste collection is still on process and is somewhere progressing. Household waste collection has increased in amount to nearly 82 percent while the collection in commercial waste has reduced. 

In associating with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee, Local Government Association and the National Association of Waste Disposal Officers, every segment is closely watching the impact of Covid-19 on the waste disposal services, all over England. 

Councils in the state are looking forward to implementing and emphasizing on the core services. Continuing with the social distancing, there will be also the safe implementation of operating procedures to prevent the halt of the services. The team members are looking forward to the new working conditions for developing and adjusting the disposal of waste. 

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