Hong Kong Businesses Associated Together For Encouraging Paper Recycling Initiative

Tricor paper recycling initiative

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Tricor comes in association with different recycling brands and industries for the development of paper recycling initiative

A huge business expansion specialist company, Tricor Group takes a step forward to help companies in Hong Kong. They announced for a paper recycling initiative in association with Mil Mill, leading Hong Kong’s carton recycling mill. As per the latest release on Tricor, the new initiative is about helping in the circular economy support in HongKong.

With the advancement in the digitization, Tricor reports that paper and cardboard scrap is still being produced by many companies. As per the March report on the generation of paper scrap, the volume acquired has been revamped for the development of paper towels and toilet paper. This is one of the ways of paper recycling into different other goods through the formulation of the new initiative.

What is the main aspect of Tricor?

  • Tricor has collaborated with emerging brands in Hong Kong like Secure Information Disposal Services Ltd., Hong Kong, and Mil Mill. Every industry is somewhere or the other well connected to the stages of recycling niche.
  • Mil Mill is mainly a pulp mill that recycles drink cartons, support by Hong Kong’s Recycling Fund. It has got the ability to process a good amount of scrap paper into pulp and transforming the same into variants of paper.
  • Mil Mill also has plans to converting paper scrap into paper toiletries. This will help in supplying Tricor’s ITT and Hopewell offices and other organizations in need.

CEO of Tricor Hong Kong states how the brand is focusing on the environment as a whole and the contribution towards a healthier tomorrow. They are seeking the best opportunities to paper recycling initiative to acquire regenerated products which would be forwarded to the ones in need.

The aim is to bring a change in the circular economy for the enhancement in the system. Co-founder and executive director at Secure Information Disposal Services and Mil Mill stated that the company aims to create a circular economy for all Hong Kong local wastes. The implementation of Mil Mill sets a markup for the recycling of local waste papers that used to be dumped to landfills before.

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