Global LNG demand rising – overcoming evanescence

Global LNG demand rising

Image source: Business Standard

Global LNG demand rising dramatically over several periods, sponsored by Asian growth in the economy with the COVID-19 pandemic perceived as just a fleeting downturn.

Energized future for the LNG demand

  • Global LNG demand rising substantially in 2020 is highly expected being followed by the supply cuts disruptions and disease outbreak-driven devastation of demand, while most experts also had reduced their estimates during the year and some even forecasted an immediate collapse in LNG trade year after year.
  • Even though the world keeps on engaging with the outrageous interruptions of customer demand and the impacts of COVID-19, rising population and energy demand will in general fortify long haul fundamentals,’ expressed Irtiza Sayyed, President, Exxon Mobil LNG Market Development Inc.
  • As per the International Energy Forum, global gas demand is projected to drop by about 3% in 2020 and to make a strong comeback afterwards. With the world pursuing cleaner energy sources to minimize waste, and Carbon emission, it is anticipated that gas and LNG will have a net-zero future arcade.
  • Douglas Wharton, vice president, Cheniere Marketing Pte. Ltd., told Gastech, LNG is and will continue to be a high-development industry with an inclination for healthy, available and cleaner energizes, focused on a rising economy around the world, especially in the parts of Asia.
  • The Covid-19 pandemic disruptions have led the 1972 London’s customary legacy of the global gas and LNG conference to be held through virtual mode in the current year. Now this conference is scheduled to be held in Singapore next year.
  • Cheniere gauges Global LNG demand rising by a normal 3.4% every year somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2040, with extra supply needed to accomplish such expansion. A few executives at the summit said that as COVID disruptions have impaired interest in the investment of new production, supply may not recuperate as quickly as demand.

Territorial trends in global LNG demand

  • Around 66% of the rise in LNG demand in the following decade will originate from China, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, as per Wood Mackenzie.
  • Industry chiefs from India and Taiwan said LNG demand in their nations is developing this year, while most speakers agreed China will be the key reason for LNG calls in the subsequent decades. As per Ming Cai, a consultant for natural gas and LNG at Poten & Partners, China’s gas demand is projected to touch 600 billion cubic meters (bcm) each year by 2040, up from just over 300 bcm per annum by 2020.


The energy resources of any country are its national wealth. When these resources are environmental friendly then the Government and People owe a national duty to make maximum use of such reservoirs. LNG is one such national resource which not only will serve environment sustainability objectives on one hand but will also contribute to the national income on the other hand. Expected growth in its demand globally is spelling out strong cues for all the stakeholders to work collaboratively in this direction.

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