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Glass recycling coalition

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At Rumpke Waste & Recycling and Sims Municipal Recycling, the Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC) awarded for the first time in history gold-level MRF Glass Certification to material recovery facilities.


One of the biggest Glass recycling coalition (Ann Arbor) based in Michigan has award with a gold level MRF glass certification to MRF’s which is operated by Rumpke waste & recycling based in Cincinnati as well as Sims municipal recycling (SMR) based in Brooklyn, New York.

  • As per the recycling industry’s latest updates from Glass Recycling Coalition two Sims MRFs and three Rumpke MRFs received this prestigious honor for their outstanding works.
  • Jim Nordmeyer says “These MRFs work in an efficient manner by not only cleaning up the glass in MRF but also they ensure the maintenance of high-quality glass and its efficacy.”
  • Junior President and CEO Bill Rumpke of Rumpke MRF claims, “Environmental sustainability is a fundamental pillar of our company mission. We continue to invest in recycling for more innovative ways to put material into good use. From the past 10 years, we had made significant investments to operate the most technologically advanced recycling methods in our service footprints.”
  • Glass Recycling Coalition records that SMR and Rumpke have of process cleaning before removing glass early. MRF glass is been taken to company-owned glass processing sites for further cleanup, color sorting, and marketability. Then these end markets also include furnace-ready bottle-to-bottle options, fiberglass, and roadbed.
  • A family-owned business “Rumpke” mainly operates the glass recycling beneficiation plant in Dayton Ohio. The Dayton based plant mostly produces 60000 to 70000 tons a year for glass insulation as well as bottle manufacturing. After manufacturing, end market is located in Ohio and neighboring Indiana at fiberglass and bottle manufacturers.
  • Tom Outer Bridge says, “The financial sense to build our own glass beneficiation plant was made by this only; however, this may not be the same for another facility based on volume and proximity factors to glass cullet customers.”
  • The main location of New Jersey SMR is mainly a home to beneficiation facility of SMR for all sidewalk glass SMR produces MRF’s at its location of New York and New Jersey.
  • To color sort the cullet for sale and cleaning types of equipment to make glass aggregate from the glass that cannot be color sorted, the glass plant includes optical sorters.
  • SMR’s glass plant produces more than 100,000 tons per year and can be ship through railways and barge in addition to trucks to extend its market reach for a processed glass.


From the aforementioned point, it is concluded that the free program has certified MRF’s along with additional equipment types and other operational processes to clean glass in single as well as a dual-stream system. MRF’s majorly holds this level of certification into gold, silver, and bronze certification. Moreover, the glass coalition website provides a very interactive map, which shows MRF’s, glass processors an end market.

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