Germans tend to use more paper than other G20 Countries

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Sources revealed that average Germans have been using more amount of paper and cardboard in comparison to other countries in the G20. This has led to growing online retailing marketing is correlated to fueling paper consumption.

They used 241.7 kilograms of paper per person as of 2018, mentioned by the federal figures by the Saarbrücker Zeitung daily newspaper. The second position is entitled to the US at 211 kilograms per person in the same year.

In 1991, the average Germans used nearly 70 kgs of paper packaging which rose to 96.3 kgs more as of 2018. Statistics and figures also revealed that the use of recycled paper risen from 49 percent to 76 percent in a span of 30 years.

What tends to be the core reason? The German government and its official agencies tend to another reason for the rise in this consumption. In 2018, they used 1.05 billion sheets of paper. This has actually declined in comparison to 2015 where the consumption has been 1.15 billion.

And thus, Tiber forests fields are needed to meet the yearning of Germany’s paper consumption. Green Party Parliamentary spokeswoman, Bettina Hoffman stated that the timber forest is equivalent to 40,000 football fields. She opted for regulated waste reduction goals that further formulated the needs for paper and cardboard for the country.

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