Flipkart’s Paper-Based Packaging Surrogates Polybags

Flipkart’s Paper-Based packaging

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Flipkart’s Paper-Based packaging deals with packaging originated from elastic sheets of paper whereas the Polybag is a sack that originated from translucent plastic for packaging an array of products.

Flipkart’s Paper-based packaging – chalking crowning glory

  • Flipkart is an ethical corporate occupant aware of its function towards the sustainability of the environment. This e-commerce marketplace has ousted Polybag packaging from its supply-chain surrogating it with paper-based packaging from May 1, 2020. It several unflinching efforts for adopting various eco-friendly substitutes are the innovating momentums for the business world. Flipkart works with over 200,000 town sellers, mostly MSMEs throughout the nation, many of whom also haul customer orders directly and make their own packaging choices.
  • The concept is to migrate towards practicing 100% plastic recycling in its supply-chain next to March 2021. Flipkart is the first-ever e-commerce marketplace to channelize paper packaging in door-to-door supply. Earlier, it revealed to knock out the use of plastic in packaging by 50%. Besides, all fillers and wrapping fabrics have also been ousted with cushioning components generated from recycled paper.
  • Flipkart is also actively coordinating with all policy-makers covering state governments and other ecosystem partakers to embrace useful and expedient transition amongst its merchant partners to constantly accept sustainable packaging options as makeshift means to Polybags which could be economical, flexible, and commonly accessible.
    • As per Mahesh Pratap Singh, Flipkart’s head of sustainability, it is conducting a trial test of packaging paper in Maharashtra since May 2020and plans to expand it to other cities. Further, it has also replaced bubble wraps and airbags by substituting with carton waste shredded material to give cushion to products while shipment. Further, it also adopted a two-ply paper roll as an option to plastic-based packaging inside the boxes to preserve the goods from getting crippled.
  • To make it integrated, Flipkart is involved with offbeat shareholders for establishing an ecosystem with the producer’s extensive onus where plastic waste can be recycled after amassing it back from consumers. It is focusing on piling 30% of its plastic waste this year.
  • Besides, Flipkart is also marshaling the predominantly consumer-centric electric two and three-wheelers for shipments’ delivery by customizing them as germane to the products, Singh specified. To enhance the recyclable content in single-use plastic services, activities are also headways to strengthen the programs for augmenting the recycling ecosystem.

Conclusion  :

Using the eco-friendly packaging means less use of Polybag and Flipkart is one of the most promising authority that subscribes to the sustainability spirit of planet earth.

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