Ever Imagined Leather From Cactus? – New Fashion Saving The Animals

leather from cactus

Young entrepreneurs in the market are looking forward to saving the environment and animals by creating leather through Cactus plant

Every one of us is fashion fanatic and when it comes to leather, there is always a weakness in everyone’s heart. But it does not mean that we will continue to harm the animals as well as the environment. According to PETA, billions of animals are sacrificed for their skin and hides by the global leather industry. 

The growing concern is how leather has been putting the negative impact on the environment. The process of making leather has the worst impact on the animals as well as the depletion of natural resources. Processing of leather needs loads of water and deriving the skin to the treatment process takes an ample amount of chemicals. Which makes leather a non-recyclable product. 

Many vegan lovers think Faux leather does not harm but let us tell you, it is created from plastic that generates waste issues. However, Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, new entrepreneurs in the market have designed something out of the box. 

Named as Adriano Di Marti, the joint ventured company has begun a new way of creating fabric through cactus leaves called Desserto. Being rugged, hard, thick, sharp and rough in nature, Cactus is completely and naturally processed into the fabric that feels like real leather. And the catch is, Cactus never consumes much water which also helps in saving natural resources. 

Also, natural dyes are used for processing the leather. The fabric is available in different variants of colours that you would like to choose from. And again, as it is made from a plant, it is a biodegradable product. 

This cactus derived leather product is a blessing in disguise in the fashion industry. It is organic, Eco-friendly and comes at the same price as that of the original leather. The fashion weavers have been able to design different car seats, bags, shoes as well as dressing apparel through this biodegradable material. 

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