European Pulp and Paper Sector helping EU Citizens amid epidemic

European Pulp and Paper Sector

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Ensuring the continuity of their essential operations, European Pulp and Paper Sector is helping EU Citizens in battling against the widely outspreading COVID – 19.

On March 25, Jori Ringman, the Director-General of the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI), had issued a press statement affirming national efforts of controlling novel coronavirus and asserting the retainment of essential operations by European Pulp and Paper sector for helping EU citizens.

CEPI is a pan-European association that brings together more than 900 pulp and paper mills operating across Europe. Its 18 national associations represent pulp, paper, cardboard, and other bio-based products manufacturing industries.

Ringman started the statement, displaying CEPI’s concern towards the destruction and deaths caused by COVID – 19 in Europe and around the globe. He stated the association’s seriousness towards the ongoing situation of pandemic and claimed about taking all needed measures for the safety of its employees, customers, and transport operators.

As per him, European paper and pulp sector, along with several other industries in its value-chain, is determined to carry out the business operations in as usual ways as possible. Its priority, for now, is to make certain that the availability of all the necessary health, hygiene, and food-related products remains unaffected by lockdowns. Ringman also highlighted the significance of these products in dealing with the health crisis caused by the epidemic.

Fiber-based Packaging

These protective covering materials are essential for safe transport and delivery of food and medicines across the nation.

Tissue and Hygiene Products

In the circumstances, when the World Health Organization (WHO), and the national governments have recommended hand washing and hand drying as the key preventive measures of the novel coronavirus, the continuous supply of these products is of vital importance.

In the statement, Ringman revealed CEPI’s endeavors for getting the European pulp and paper sector (NACE Code 17) designated as “essential” to ensure the unhindered supply of necessary products to EU citizens, even during lockdowns. As per him, the association aims to facilitate the country’s economic recovery once the health crisis ends. He also mentioned the complications that the pulp and paper industry is facing due to lockdowns.

Reduction in the supply of raw material

The European pulp and paper industry hugely depends on fibers from recycled paper for manufacturing packaging, but transport and trade restrictions in and out the country have limited their availability. As a result, the industry has started seeking help from the local communities in collecting paper and board on a constant basis to avoid the shortage of raw material.

Delay in the delivery of products

The industry produces several crucial products like tissue papers and packaging boards, whose timely and constant delivery is essential for meeting the food and hygiene requirements of the nation during the epidemic. However, the extra border control checks within Europe have been causing delays in the delivery of products to the consumers.

Coronavirus has changed industrial strategies, and CEPI has requested the European Commission to review these strategies and certify their authenticity. The association excepts these policies to amend the current business trends in positive and effective ways.

Ringman concluded his statement, promising support to the work of the national governments and the EU institutions and investment in Europe.

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