Dover – corrugated manufacturing plant brings opportunities galore

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Several business and job opportunities would be amplified with the opening of Dover – new corrugated manufacturing plant.

The antecedent and subsequent of new production facility

  • The Dover – new corrugated manufacturing plant is a dream come true for the so-called ‘super plant’ worth around $82 million. The project entails land and the building costing $32 million and machinery and equipment costing $45 million. Further $5 million is expected to be appropriated towards the working capital.
  • This gigantic plant will be spread over 497,000-square-foot at the 40-acre parcel location midways Camden and Dover with Route 15 and the POW/MIA Parkway as duplex borders.
  • New Jersey has the inception roots for this plant with around 35 years of operational span before this relocation to Dover. It is expected to witness a generation of 150 jobs once the U.S. Corrugated of Delaware is operational with average salaries to be ranging between $50,000 and $60,000.
  • Ms. Parkowski, executive director of the Kent Economic Partnership expressed her thoughts that Kent County and the city of Dover would be the new hub of the U.S. Corrugated box manufacturing company with the fount of Dover – new corrugated manufacturing plant.
  • The new plant has full-throttle incremental operational capacity to produce around 250% boxes and adding $120 million per annum.
  • As per the recycling industry latest news, the new plant, however, is awaiting the regulatory permissions and clearances but as indicated by Delaware Prosperity Partnership President and CEO Kurt Foreman, there are good prospects to remove these impediments since his office is regularly coordinating and following up this matter.
  • U.S. Corrugated founder and chairman of the board Dennis Mehiel further stated that the company Four M Manufacturing has grown leaps and bounds since 2006 with its crafted niche of interior corrugated partitions, or cardboard dividers used in transporting fragile products.
  • Now with this new plant in offing, the focus would be on extensive usage of technology like robotics and modern machines. This will extensively streamline the process to assemble boxes without impressing human hands.
  • Further plans on the anvil include opening up a research and development department, a design sector and,  a marketing and sales department to facilitate innovation, creativity, and growth.
  • The State also is incentivizing the plant with the offer to take the pre-tax gains so that it can plow back such gains in the business. Moreover, the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Fund (TIIF) Council also inducted the project worth $600,000 to improve signalization and entrance enhancements to support the new facility.


Having understood and analyzed at a macro as well as micro-level, the Dover plant new facility has something to offer to all the stakeholders in one way or the other.

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