Curbside Paper Prices have risen – Sneak Peak

Curbside paper prices have risen

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Across many divisions, Curbside paper prices have risen up this quarter, with natural HDPE paper escalated by 22%.

Pandemic woes

  • The national average price of corrugated containers (PS11) is mounting somewhat this month, at an average of $57 per ton compared to the last month of $55 per ton. Curbside Paper prices have risen which is a residential waste and recycling has increased up to 30% from the time when most residents are residing at home due to COVID-19.
  • The OCC level was selling at a peak of $180 in July 2017, to almost $27 per ton a year ago. OCC price rose to $107 per ton in May on account of pandemic lockdown.
  • North America’s prime residential garbage and recyclable haulers revealed that higher second-quarter OCC rates are recuperating their revenues.
  • To decode, curb-side collection is a waste disposal service offered to homeowners. Trucks collect waste in this process and send it to either a landfill or a recycling center, where it is recycled for usage. HDPE is a polyethylene thermoplastic formed from petroleum and material is also durable and chemical tolerant.

Trending price-moves

  • At this current juncture, sorted residential papers (PS 56) are rising at 20%. Compared with last month’s $27 per ton and August 2017’s $104 this fiber grade now averages approximately $33 per ton.
  • Sorted office papers (PS 37) fallen to 26% now selling at $103 per ton versus last month’s peak of $139 per tonne. The prevailing valuation for recycling industry is higher than expected when the grade was priced at $101 per tonne. The average price for the mixed paper (PS 54) is $12.50 per ton, in comparison with the previous month’s$11.25 per ton.
  • The overall average price of natural high-density polyethylene (HDPE) from Curbside collection systems climbed 22% this month, currently selling at an average of 44.44% per pound, compared with 36.50% the previous month and 20.34% a year earlier corresponding to which Curbside paper prices have risen.
  • This month, the national average price for sorted, baled aluminum cans is smooth, at 39.81% per pound. Baled steel cans stand at $79.06 per ton, compared to an average of $79.25 per ton versus $121.25 per ton in the preceding year.
  • The national average price of PET beverage bottles and jars persisted constantly this month. It currently stands at 7.19% per pound, as compared to 7.13% per pound in the month before.
  • The rate of color HDPE this month is sky-high at 3.83% per pound presently compared to 3.71% of last month and 10.08% the previous year.
  • The national average price of polypropylene (PP) materials has risen slightly to 4.69 cents per pound versus 3.69 cents last month.
  • The nationwide average price of Grade A film is now at 6.81 cents down from 7.00 cents per pound last month. Grade B Film is now at 3.56 cents per pound versus 3.81 cents last month. Grade C film continues at 1.38 cents per pound.


These prices analysed above are recorded on the Secondary-Materials-Pricing (SMP) Index which could prove to be a reflection of pricing possibilities and consumer behavior.

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