CPCB environmental audit – Felicitous Move

CPCB environmental audit

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NGT targeted CPCB environmental audit at national level coupled with penalties from Flipkart and Amazon after infringement of the environmental policies.

Trends and Prospects

  • The National Green Tribunal has coordinated the CPCB environmental audit and to direct ecological review and recoup fine from Amazon and Flipkart for breach of environmental rules.
  • On direction to the CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) by NGT (National Green Tribunal), castigated fine has been imposed on two prominent e-commerce platforms (Flipkart and Amazon) on violation of rule in excess use of plastic packaging. It is a severe offense concerning the environment, where specific law and guidance has already passed to minimize the influence of plastic consumption from the environment.
  • The NGT had previously punched the MoEF as ‘biodegradable’ for simply calling cigarette butts, and ordered it to justify its stand on the point.
  • The claim was a violation of excess plastic packaging by India’s two e-commerce giants. According to the reports, the green panel has remarked that various statutory regulators had not taken any active measures along with the polluter pays principle for reinforcing various statutory procedures against e-commerce firms.
  • Sources asserted that CPCB has filed a report which mentions other causes for not to enforce the law, but does not specify coercive measures embraced by the CPCB or directly through the state pollution control board.
  • After this event, it is expected from CPCB to order an environmental audit against blamed parties and recover additional penalties and charges in the petition of environmental violation.
  • Additionally, CPCB has told NGT that both e-commerce giants are obligatory to fulfil extended producers responsibility under the draft of the “Plastic waste management” Rule, 2016.
  • In response to this, the top pollution monitoring body has made a statement to NGT under a provision of 9(2) of the Plastic waste management rules, 2016 that the primary level of accountability for the collection of multiple multi-layered plastics is of producers, owners, and importers who essentially interject products on a market level.
  • On the contrary, both e-commerce platforms have alleged under rules of Plastic waste management, 2016 and NGT has recognized that lack of monitoring and controlling of reducing the excessive amount of plastic has been noticed hence CPCB environmental audit is required.
  • In the report, NGT has created awareness that, once the commodity is delivered to customers, plastic waste is tossed into the trash which is the root cause of the pollution and largely destroying an environment.
  • NGT has been highlighted that single-use plastic has now become a serious challenge on the earth, when it burns it releases harmful and toxic gaseous components.


The encumbrance of the penalty by NGT is a 100% correct decision with an additional warning to e-commerce giants to avoid such acts again. In the future, again any violation of rules given under plastic waste management will take place and there will be imperative action against Amazon and Flipkart with bulk penalties. Here, green message regulated bodies are looking quite strict not to deal with such issues with ease.

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