Coronavirus Updates: Recycling Industry requests the government to waive off penalties

Coronavirus Updates waive off penalties on recycling industry

imade source: Dawn

Referring to the unavailability of resources amid the lockdowns, the Material Recycling Association of India (MRAI) has requested the government for certain waivers on penalties over the late payments.

Today, coronavirus has become a global emergency, with its rapid outbreak in almost all parts of the world. Every hour, the patients and their death count is increasing around the globe. Aiming to detain this pandemic from spreading in the country, the Indian government has put almost everything under temporary locks.

In such a situation, when just about everyone is staying back at home, timely execution of business obligations has become a significant challenge for most of the industries. With the same rationale, the recycling industry has requested the government to allow some extensions and waivers on payments.

On March, 23, MRAI, the apex National Association of India, has sent a representation to Vinod Kumar Saxena, Chief Commissioner of Customs Commissionerate, requesting to waive off the following:

1. Penalty on late filing of bills of entry for import cargo clearance

2. Charges imposed by custodians on container detention, demurrage, and ground rent

3. Interest charges on the late payment of customs duty

MRAI is a consortium, including most of the Regional, National, and International Trade Associations. With over 1200 members, the association works towards protecting the interests of the recycling industry. Its collective strength comprises of around 20,000 enterprises of all sizes, employing 25 lakh people indirectly.

The country is under lockdown with restrictions like trains/flight cancellations, curfew in many states, and work from home in the government and private establishments. In these situations, the recycling industry is facing headwinds and has, therefore, requested this support from the government. Their sole objective, for now, is – to survive the hard time today, deferring the business growth to tomorrow.

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