Corby eliminating single-use plastic – no whining

Corby eliminating single-use plastic

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Joining the bandwagon Corby eliminating single-use plastic has made its pioneering impression in the wine and spirit industry.

Non-plastic environmental ways to wine and spirit

  • Over the next five years, the Corby eliminating single-use plastic is all set to ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Corby Spirit and Wine have set the benchmark in its rationality for utilizing 100 percent recyclable, reusable, or compostable packaging. This is going to be a joint implementation with its parent company Pernod Ricard.
  • Kim Leis, Senior Manager of Logistics, Product Development, and Innovation Commercialization at Corby, highlighted the resolute for Corby eliminating single-use plastic for promotional items extensively by the next year.
  • Corby has switched over to using lighter weight glass and has also looped in only those plastic bottles which are recyclable. This way it has ensured toning down its carbon footprints.
  • North America uses around 47 million bottles stocking Corby or Pernod Ricard spirits. These bottles are now manufactured with Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) material.
  • Besides, the tamper-proof shrink seal has also been replaced with recyclable PET for around 240,000 bottles per annum.
  • As far as the use of plastic straws and promotional materials is concerned while Corby has eliminated the former from its use, it has introduced recycled paper and cardboard with vegetable-based ink for the latter.
  • Though Corby uses made in Canada plastic cups it is fully recyclable and thus has an environment-friendly epithet.
  • Carol McKenzie, Manager of Merchandising Services at Corby expressed the feel-good factor experienced by the people they are using compostable cups. He further adds that there is a need to apprise clients and patrons about the functional existence of the recycling process.
  • As a part of plastic waste management Corby has also inked a pact with Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy to accelerate efforts for packaging recyclability.
  • In its escalator moves towards environmental sustainability and responsibility some of the notable moves that came to fruition are enumerated below:
    • Vicinity sourcing like sourcing Canadian company Rocks Spirits for canning Lamb’s Sociable ready-to-drink beverages in Canada.
    • Venturing with Absolut Vodka to manufacturing 100% bio-based paper bottles.
    • Manufacturing Jameson Irish Whiskey bottles from 80 percent recycled glass.
    • 22% decline in water reduction across the company’s international operations.
    • Replenishable energy sources such as solar farm at an Australian winery and 100 percent renewable energy use at French sites as well as all Chivas Brothers and Irish distilleries
  • The global recycling industry’s latest news indicates that improved packaging one of the fundamental elements of Circular Making.


It is beyond doubt that the joint efforts for environmental sustainability as channelized by the Corby wine and spirit with its parent company Pernod Ricard are going to have a long-lasting and enduring impact on the planet earth. The company has set an example of balancing act of enterprise and environment at a time when the world is overcoming the economic disruptions caused by the corona pandemic.

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