Coming to payments, the paper is the king over virtuality

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The popularity of paper sales is evergreen. Even though the world is transforming to digitalization, surveys stated that nearly 3 quarters of the US shoppers tend to prefer paper slips. The preference stays strong to paper receipts than the ones sent in the email. 

Speaking of the paper backers, US shoppers tops the list at 71%, followed by the US at 69%. And Canada and Japan rank to 64% and 61%, respectively. In 2018, research stated that 68 percent of the internet used paid heed to paper receipts and only 19% of the people preferred emails.

Speaking on the same, Gref Selfe, campaign manager for Choose Paper, stated that consumers are preferring and trusting more on paper. They are still skeptical regarding their data security in the first place.

Though Green America is in favour of pushing US retailers to switch to emails for saving trees. Choose Paper states, it does not deplete the forest. The efforts have been failing considerably as restaurants and retailers opposed the bill, dubbed “Skip the Slip”, which failed in August.

Targeted 3 dozed retailers for adopting electronic receipts, some brands and companies are lacking the formal programme. This has been initiated by Green America.

In a Toluna Poll, around 70% of US consumers and 64% of Canadians were skeptical in providing their personal information to the retailers. Nearly half of 8900 people in North America and Europe stated paper receipts are more secure. Only 23% opposed and adopted for electronic versions.

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