Plastic Waste

The issue of plastic waste has been rising at an alarming rate worldwide. Different countries and their respective governments are taking measures towards banning the use of single-use plastic products. While a state in India, Sikkim, has completely banned the use of plastics and its products in their area. Some are going green with the use of products made of bamboo, paper, recyclable materials. The idea is how plastic waste could be disposed of properly and prevent the use of such materials which is a serious threat to the environment.

Under this section, the readers will garner information on how different industries and businesses are taking initiatives towards restriction on PET bottles, plastic waste recycling, plastic pollution, and recycled plastic from across the world and finding an eco-friendly alternative. The ban of export of plastic waste and the levy of taxes imposed stricter rules for the developed countries to find solutions to their plastic waste management system. Thus, environmental organizations like Waste Management and other renowned names are taking big steps towards using recyclable products for packaging. The aim of all the countries currently is to stop the production of single-use plastics and wave the green flag to paper products. Raw materials that are recyclable like bamboo, cartons, and many others are again welcomed in all the industries while the consumers too have to extend their support in taking strict actions towards a healthier and safe tomorrow.