Canadian Municipalities Have Got Funded For Enhanced Waste Management Programs

Canadian Municipalities Got Funded for Waste Management Programs

GMF got a funding of $1 billion from the Government of Canada which was segregated to major municipalities for new waste management programs.

As per the latest news on recycling and waste management, Ottawa acquired federal funding for the enhancement in the waste management process. Municipalities in the Abitibi Region of Quebec have got the thermophilic composter.

Which are the places that received their funding for waste management?

  • Funding of $465,100 for this composter is a new way of shifting the biodegradable waste right from the landfill. The organic form of waste will be collected and segregated in different sections of the rural municipalities in Abiti. 
  • On the other hand, Ontario received a funding of $57,500 for the generation of biogas. The biogas has been implemented for the proper use of organic waste and sewage biosolids which will serve as a boon in producing natural gas. The treatment of the same is conducted at the Cornwall Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • The city of Calgary is set to gain $54,700 for understanding and creating a base for the proper functioning and implementation of the right machine serving as a fuel alternative that will be a boon for the Waste and Recycle Services.

All the above funding has been granted by the federal government and the Federation of the Canadian Municipalities. This could all be accessible by the Green Municipal Fund for the embellishment in the process of waste management.

As per the president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities states that the Canadian municipalities own 60% of the public infrastructure. Entitled them as “Canada’s builders”, it is through the municipalities there is an enhancement in the country’s lifestyle and economy.

The federal municipal partnership influences successful campaigns for helping the municipality to offer the best solution in terms of the waste management programs. The Green Municipal Fund has been a $1 billion campaign.

The GMF segregated the money to the Canadian Municipalities as a support for the launch of new campaigns for enhancement in energy efficiency, recycling and waste management programs. The most recent campaign has got $2.5 million in funding for 11 new projects all around the country.

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