BIR Report for Recovered Fiber – fuelling analysis

BIR Report for Recovered Fiber

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BIR Report for Recovered Fiber aimed to facilitate trade connections and foster Recycling Industry growth and to connect with policymakers.

Astounding insights

  • BIR Report for Recovered Fiber depicts that recycled plastics can be changed into plastic jars and containers and eco-friendly packaging elements. The president of BIR Ranjit Baxi declared, recycling is not merely restricted to environmental advantages but also strengthens the economy in eminent ways.
  • BIR is a global recycling group headquartered at Belgium, embodying companies more than 700 from the private division and 40 national trade associations from 70 distinct provinces.
  • The Brussels-based Bureau of International Recycling (BIR) has published recent research on recovered paper markets titled, “Paper and Board Recycling in 2018.” The research gives insight into the main widespread restored fiber trends on the basis of 2018 data.
  • As per the estimation, 50.2 percent of global paper and board production in 2018 was formulated of recovered fiber. Out of  211 million metric tons of paper and board produced using recovered fiber, nearly 86 percent of that paper and board were utilized for packaging materials whereas the newsprint recorded for 5 percent, printing and writing paper accounted for 4 percent and tissue recorded as 4 percent.
  • BIR attained backing for this analysis from the European Recycling Industries’ Confederation (EURIC) with a view to comprehend data from various number of authoritative references, which comprises Fast markets RISI, the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) and divisional information sources.
  • “On the basis of statistical base camp, the plan is to provide inferable analyses that have encouraged us to quantify the tremendous assistance rendered by recycled fibers as an environmentally useful element of global paper and board production,” says Jean-Luc Petithuguenin, BIR Paper Division President and an executive at France-based Paper, in the prologue to the BIR report.

Endorsing judgments

  • BIR Report for Recovered Fiber portrays that more than 250 million metric tons of recovered paper was generated across the world in 2018, of which Asia recorded around 43 percent, Europe touching 27 percent and North America near 21 percent. Despite a 38 percent year-over-year fall in Chinese imports in 2018, Asia continued the main export forum for European and U.S. recovered fiber.
  • BIR’s report also encompasses figures on pulp and paper & board generation. Petit-Huguenot explains by venturing these polls, it’s feasible to observe and quantify the arising trends around which we can base our present-day business judgments. These analyses supplement statistical backing when clarifying the optimistic environmental and economic assistance of paper and board recycling to lawmakers and policymakers globally.
  • As per the BIR’s news, the data depicts the significance of recovered fiber in the creation of paper and board globally. The report also specifies the domain for substantial improvements and upgrades in the usage of recovered fibers, contained in printing and writing segment, and in a few developing countries of the earth.


The reports dawns a new domain of information source for promoting analysis and business judgments.

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