Biffa and Veolia plastics projects

Biffa and Veolia plastics projects

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Biffa and Veolia plastics projects of waste management companies are involved in two of the developments supported by the support money.

The plastic projects are:

1. Poseidon Plastics

Biffa and Veolia plastics projects are a blend of recycled plastics methods, some including chemical recycling, along with support to get the color out of certain polymers.

There are four major projects and all of them are using different technologies for recycling the plastic

  • Poseidon Plastics, which are partners with Biffa and Alpek Polyester and DuPont Teijin Films have planned that by collaborating with O’Neills Irish International Sports Company and GRN Sportswear, they will use 15,000 tonnes per annum PET plastic can be chemically recycled and produce consumer products.
  • Veolia, which is collaborated with Unilever, Charpak Ltd, and HSSMI. They will develop a “Dual PET bottle and tray recycling facility”. They have developed a non-food closed loop for recycled PET and that can be used in bottles and trays.
  • Renew ELP; they use Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor for converting end used plastic into new virgin grade plastic.
  • Recycling technologies, use the thermal cracking to recycle plastic waste.

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2. Recycling Technologies

  • Poseidon plastics will benefit the environment and has the potential to become a meaningful building block in expanding the UK’s recycling infrastructure, to create a more sustainable future.
  • Veolia has improved the sustainability of packaging with less plastic waste being burnt, landfilled, or shipped abroad.
  • Renew ELP helps in producing the naphtha, waxes, and a bitumen-like residue suitable for use in road construction. And helping by using new and innovative technologies that help in establishing the Chemical Recycling Industry in the UK.
  • Recycling technologies using hard-to-recycle plastic for packagings like films, sachets, and pouches. These plastics are high in use in the UK, which will reduce plastic waste in the country.

3. Renew ELP

  • Poseidon plastics project aims to use the post-consumer and post-industrial plastic packaging, film and other hard-to-recycle PET wastes can be chemically recycled back into new consumer end-use goods.
  • The proposed facility would process 35,000tpa of mixed PET packaging waste at an existing Veolia site and produce true Tray to Tray recycling scheme.
  • The Renew ELP would convert 20,000 tonnes per of plastic into chemicals and oils for use in the production of new virgin grade plastics that can be used for road construction.
  • Recycle Technologies uses thermal cracking to recycle a wide range of plastic waste that cannot be recycled. The plant is designed to process 7,000 tpa of hard-to-recycle mixed plastic waste, producing 5,200tpa of a hydrocarbon oil product.

4. Veolia

  • The Goal of UKRI is to invest in that project which will help in increasing the UK productivity in plastics and leads to reduction in plastic waste that is entering into the environment by using that technique which will not harm the environment and leaves less residue. And also improves sustainability.


The project of Poseidon and Veolia is best to do investment because they have long term objective and Poseidon also located other plastic packaging firms. And those projects will create 200 jobs in this sector.

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