Apple recycling program – monetizing archaic

Apple recycling program

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The Apple recycling program deals with gadgets in a manner that ensures no botheration about things involving fraud on personal information.

Bartering for environment sustainability

  • The Apple recycling program is an excellent way to not only get some additional money from old devices that have become out-of-date but also do something fruitful for the environment.
  • Since Apple recycles the electronics even if you don’t get an exchange value, saving past products and endeavoring to lessen carbon emissions.
  • Apple announced it fixed or exchanged 11.1 million gadgets for new clients in 2019 and states that each “represents a superior and considerably more eco-friendly utilization of the assets and tangible that is being dependent on making things’’ as per the latest recycling industry news.
  • However, many times the organization’s key goal to sell the new electronics has been in strife with that commendable responsibility.
  • The pleasantest thing for iPhone 12 new buyers is that to verify that devices have a long afterlife for that they don’t have to dependent on Apple.
  • Apple has adopted approaches for years to persuade customers that it’s an environmentally friendly and more competitive brand than its peers.

Program’s Theme

Main Things about which you have to become aware of Apple recycling program?

  • Yes, you can recycle an iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod, and Apple Watch and get exchange value or trading-value via the Apple service center.
  • The organization is right now consenting iPhone SE which is of 1st generation. If your gadget is more aged than that, you can at present send it in yet you won’t get any exchange credit.
  • Apple also accepts Blackberry, Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, and Nokia devices for recycling, among others, through a company named Brightstar. Though you will not receive any trade-in value, but devices will be recycled for free of cost by Apple.
  • The real incentivization lies in the fact that it’s the Apple who verdicts the worth of your phone rather than the price which is merely embedded on the online gift card.
  • Apple provides tips about how to securely back up and cleans up things and eliminates any traces of personal details, which is surely encouraging.
  • In the Apple Store or online, customers can redeem the gift voucher. Just not in the App Store or iTunes. Thus, indeed, that is the possibility to purchase more.
  • In the Physical Apple Store or online, you can redeem your gift voucher. Only not in the App Store or iTunes. So, yes, that’s an opportunity to purchase more. For those times your phone is about to give out and you’re hunting for a fresh one, consider it a better pick for all-time purchase.


The recycling program offered by Apple seems to be a win-win situation for all. It reinforces not only environmental sustainability but also injects monetisation benefits by parallel ensuring of data safety and confidentiality as well.

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