Anti-microbial Copper Film breaks the chain of virus spread

antimicrobial copper film

Anti-microbial Copper Film is a permanent solution to prevent the transfer of virus and bacteria from different surfaces to humans.

The SGS approved anti-microbial copper film is a 100 percent Korean product that deactivates and kills the virus and bacteria within a few minutes. It is the only material of this kind to get approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

According to several pieces of research, health-problems are rapidly accelerating all around the globe. About 1.7 million infections are diagnosed every year in the US alone, causing around 99,000 deaths. Estimates say that Americans spend an annual amount of $35.7 to $45 billion on abrupt medical emergencies resulting from these infections.

Lately, the world has witnessed the devastating capacities a virus can have. Within a few months, over 3 lakh people have lost their lives, while more than 6 million are battling for it worldwide. Almost all the modern techniques have failed to control this rapidly worsening health crisis.

Precaution has been highlighted as the prime mode of prevention from virus and bacteria. The health experts are continuously advising to avoid touching surfaces that are more prone to human-exposure, like tables, door handles, lift buttons, elevator handles, market cart handles, and ATM display surfaces, etc. But how feasible is this?

No matter how much we avoid, once in a while, we end up touching these surfaces, and not always have the sanitizers ready to clean our hands instantly. A preventive covering of anti-microbial copper film on such surfaces minimizes the risk of bacterial transmission to humans.

What makes the anti-microbial copper film so effective?

Remember the emphasis our grandparents used to give on drinking water and having food in copper utensils? Ever wondered, why? Because –

Copper is rich with anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills bacteria within minutes and makes it undetectable within a few hours, which otherwise lasts for 3-4 days on other surfaces. Copper and its alloys, like bronzes, brasses, and copper-nickel-zinc, are self-sterilizing in nature, and therefore, do not require electricity or bleach for decontamination.

And this isn’t enough. Several other characteristics make the anti-microbial copper film a boon for human health, including:

  • Semi-Permanent Period of use

The anti-microbial effect of this film is everlasting.

  • Superior Bacteria-Extermination Effect

It constantly exterminates the infectious virus and refrains the dissemination of the virus.

  • Harmless to Human

Its anti-microbial material is harmless to humans and the environment. The ancient science of Ayurveda confirms that Copper is a natural antibiotic, and water stored in copper bottles is free from all microbial.

How does the anti-microbial copper film work?

  1. Recognition of copper ion

When a bacteria comes in contact with a copper surface, it recognizes the copper ion as a nutrient and ingests it into its cell.

  • Penetration of cell membrane

The absorbed copper ion breaks the bacteria’s cell membrane and makes it lose water and all the essential-for-living nutrients.

  • Suction of oxygen

Through this broken part of the cell membrane, the copper ion then pulls out the Active oxygen Reactive oxygen species.

  • Extinction of bacteria

The loss of water, nutrients, and oxygen stops the respiratory and metabolic activity of the bacteria, thereby ending its life.

The anti-microbial copper film bids bye to the overruling virus and bacteria that helps in adopting a healthy and bacteria-free lifestyle. In the situation, when medical treatments and vaccines are taking a long-time to cure the deadly virus, the only effective way of prevention is to break the chain of infection using this film.

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