America’s so-called “recycled” plastic waste is a threat to the country now

mixed plastic waste

Most of the mixed recycled plastic waste is not getting segregated and ending up in landfills or oceans.

Different plastic products that were put into recycling bins have not been properly recycled. According to the new survey on recycling and waste management in the US, plastic waste has not been recycled properly. Greenpeace released a report stating nearly 367 recycling recovering facilities have been unsuccessful in transforming or recycling processed coffee pods.

Only a little percentage of the plastic products like plates, cups, bags and trays were taken into recycling bins and processed. As per the latest reports and survey, different forms of plastics were directly thrown into the landfills after China’s ban on the import of plastic waste. Greenpeace also stated that many products have been sealed as a recyclable product due to no scope for new products in the market.

What more has been revealed through the survey?

  • The plastic products are labelled in the form of hashtag and numbers to consider them as mixed plastics.
  • Certain reputable brands are making use of the single-use plastic product which they tag as recyclable. This is because these plastic products cannot be repurposed and end up littering the environment.
  • Mixed plastics are a negative influence. And to eradicate the same, one needs to invest a good amount. Nearly 5% of such plastic products are transformed into new products.
  •  Nearly $50,000 a year is spent in Berkeley, California as an attempt to recycle plastic materials which are hard to repurpose. Berkeley sends the mixed plastic for segregation to a waste disposal facility where a huge amount ends up in the landfill.

Director of Greenpeace’s Oceans Campaign forwarded the news that companies need to stop claiming that everything is recyclable. Rather they need to stop the production of single-use plastic. Not only this, Greenpeace further warned on filing federal complaints against manufacturers as they are professing the wrong information to the people of America.

On the other hand, plastic bottles and jugs are recyclable. The main concern arose when China banned the import of plastic waste. This further blocked the process of recycling companies. Many cities like California, Erie and others have stopped taking up mixed plastics.

It is the responsibility of the marketers and the manufacturers to be truthful to their consumers and not mislead them. As per the reports for Sustainable Packaging Coalition, brands are working efficiently for the enhancement in the packaging process in due collaboration with the recycling industry. The new US processing unit has been working hard for the enhancement of the recycling of plastic products.

Several environmental campaigners are making efforts to influence the society to associate in the local recycling program. It will be a great result to commence recycling and waste management at home.

Manager of Eco-Cycle Solutions stated that their organization has come across certain outlets that process mixed plastic. This is possible with the use of top-notch machinery and inclined customer base. The long-term improvement in the waste management programs is somewhere diminishing. It is now about paying the fees if one is using such plastic products. People need to understand the value and meaning of recycling and how it will impact the environment and their species.

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