American Eagle Paper Mills launches paper with Antimicrobial Protection

antimicrobial paper

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American Eagle Paper Mills ushers a paper with antimicrobial protection to the market for controlling the transmission of communicable diseases among people.

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has made the invention of antibacterial substances an urgent requirement. American Eagle Paper Mills has acknowledged the same by manufacturing the paper with antimicrobial protection.

American Eagle Paper Mills is a Pennsylvania-located producer of different fine paper products. Its mission is to make high-quality uncoated recycled paper products in an environmentally friendly way. The Eagle Armour suite of American Eagle Paper Mills’ paper products is processed with silver ion technology of BiomasterUSA LLC for providing a lifetime antimicrobial protection to paper.

According to BiomasterUSA LLC, the naturally found silver is considered as a versatile antimicrobial agent. The silver ions inhibit growth and formation of new cells, prevent DNA replication and energy production loss by associating with molecular processes within microorganisms.

Test Results of Eagle Armour Antimicrobial Paper

  • Laboratory Testing by Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

This laboratory testing did not show any remarkable difference in the print quality of the antimicrobial treated paper and untreated control paper.

  • Additional Testing by an independent microbiology laboratory

As claimed by Scott Igoe, the president of American Eagle Paper Mills, this testing found a drop of 99.9% in non-pathogenic bacteria. 

Igoe has designated the paper ideal for use in the healthcare sector, including clinics and hospitals, in the food sector, including restaurants, and in the education sector, including schools, and more. He has marked the quality of not sacrificing its appearance or performance while impeding the growth of bacteria as the unique feature of this antimicrobial treated paper. As per him, American Eagle Paper Mills is proud to be successful in inventing a paper with antimicrobial protection.

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