Adidas Is Bringing In Change Through Recycling Ocean Waste Through New Ventures

recycling ocean waste

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Adidas and Parley have collaborated to prevent single-use plastics and move ahead in recycling ocean waste.

In the last three years, MLS fans have been getting more accustomed with the branding and associating of Adidas and Parley for saving the Ocean. Active participation in the annual Earth Day weekend of the brands have emerged with the introduction of eco-friendly jerseys weaved through yarns.

As per the latest recycling and waste management news, the materials consisted of the plastic waste which was collected from the beaches and the coastal areas. The stunning surreal structure and design of the kits have gained attention to encourage people to not use single-use plastics.

The Earth Day weekend features the initiative taken by Adidas and Parley for collecting ocean waste. Nearly making more than 400 million pairs of shoes every year, Adidas has been successful in making 11 million pairs through recycled ocean plastic in 2019.

As per the research and surveys, 51 trillion bits and pieces of plastic are littering nearly 40 percent of the ocean water surfaces. If this continues, by 2050, plastic is going to outweigh all the fish.

On the other hand, Adidas has been successful in clearing 3000 tons of plastics to reach the ocean in due association with Parley.

  • The associated partners have been collecting such waste from the coastal areas. Segregating the recovered plastic, the material is sent to the processing plant of Adidas.
  • There the recovered plastic waste is crushed, washed, dehydrated and converted into small resin pellets.
  • These pellets are then melted for creating a filament. With the use of a technical yearn, the filaments will be fabricated into quality sportswear just like the MLS jerseys.
  • Every product in the Parley collection is curated through 75 percent of intercepted marine trash. Adidas, on the other hand, is venturing to replace virgin polyester with the recycled ones by 2024.
  • By 2021, Adidas aims to bring in more sustainable uniforms within MLS, NHL and its power 5 NCAA football programs. 

The association of two powerful brands have brought exciting news for the audience. One of the specific products will be on sale on the official website of Adidas. Apart from the same, you can even acquire a pair of Prime Blue socks fabricated from Ocean Plastic at just $18. These socks are made of recycled polyester making it an eco-friendly collection.

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