30 Days for halting Community Transmission of Coronavirus in India

Coronavirus in India

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As per the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the outbreak of Stage III of coronavirus in India is around 30 days away.

The current breakout status of COVID – 19 in India is at Stage II. This stage keeps the virus confined to people who have either traveled to coronavirus affected countries or have come in contact with the one who traveled. 

Stage II is often considered controllable with precautions; however, the seriousness of disease increases in the next stages.

The third stage includes Community Transmission, where the virus starts expanding through the community, even without having exposure to infection. In Stage IV, the disease converts into an epidemic where its spread seems to have no end.

Though the experts of ICMR have called the Stage III of coronavirus inevitable, Balram Bhargava, the Director-General of ICMR has given hopes of its prevention. As per him, the government’s efforts to halt the advancement of the virus might not put an end to the occurrence of Stage III but would delay it. This delay would enable the country to have a better hold on the situation before it worsens. 

The authorities are taking some preventive measures to protect the country from facing the same severity of the virus that other countries are facing. These measures of precautions are listed below:

  • Increasing public awareness of respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene
  • Closing public places, including schools and cinema halls
  • Canceling gatherings and events in almost all parts of the country
  • Quarantining people returning from coronavirus affected countries for 14 days, regardless of symptoms
  • If a person tests positive for coronavirus, surveillance of all others who came in contact with him
  • Testing and quarantining people having signs of the virus 
  • Improving the testing and medicating facilities
  • Increasing the number of isolation beds

As observed from a few cases, the present status of coronavirus in India is limited to the local transmission where five to six family members of the patient have been found infected in Agra. Mr. Bhargava has highlighted the importance of individual efforts for limiting the spread of COVID – 19 and triumphing the battle against it.

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