22 Year Indian Engineer Makes India Proud By Making Drones Through E-Waste

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Moment of proud feeling for India where a young man has created nearly 600 drones right from the scratch through leftover parts and e-waste

People all over the world have been influencing to take an initiative or participate in environmental campaigns. But there are exceptions who have lived their dreams and made their country proud. One such similar story is about a simple guy who has set an unbelievable footstep towards making India proud.

Where at one end India is lacking in taking effective measures for reducing plastic waste and implementing a proper strategy for waste recycling, could you ever imagine a brand new technology invented through e-waste? As per studies and reports, India recycles 95% of e-waste in an informal and crude manner.

On the other hand, an Indian youth hailing from the villages of Mandya in Karnataka has been entitled with gold medals for the development of drones through reusing and recycling e-waste.

Prathap NM, a BSc graduate always had a passion for technology and new gadgets. He kept bickering with the different functionality of drones at the age of 14. Turning 16 has been a life-changes for this young man who built a drone from e-waste, producing up to 600 in number.

Drones have become a new sensation to the people for expressive videos, pictures, vlogs and even protecting the nation against attacks. The idea of Prathap’s drone is to use it for delivery purposes as well as serve as a helping hand for disaster-struck situations and places. He put his efforts in drone networking’s cryptography to prevent them from being hacked. When massive floods attack Karnataka, the drones of Prathap helped with disaster management by offering people food and medicine.

Hailing from an agricultural family, Prathap has seen his struggles. Rather spending money on new gadgets, he made use of the remaining parts and e-waste to curate a global solution for waste management.

As a meritorious student, Prathap has participated in various worldwide competition, fetching the Albert Einstein Gold Medal awards at the International Drone Expo 2018. Not only this, he even received gold and silver medals with Rs 7 lakh cash, at the 2017’s International Robotics Exhibition in Tokyo.

At present, the young man is making India proud by becoming one of the team members for Indias Defence Research and Development Organization. He will be working for crucial projects. It becomes a moment of honour for India to see youth are setting an example not only for the country but also for a global cause.

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