Top-Notch Influences By Some Countries To Set An Example For Recycling and Waste Management

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Different countries stated some movement or enforced laws that made their place to be a healthy place to reside in.

Recycling is the most important factor in waste management. Most of the people are struggling hard to recycle their everyday items due to the lack of knowledge and personal want to do the same. Proper recycling could lead to producing 2.12 million tonnes of waste every year.

Nearly 300 million tons of plastic waste is acquired every year. Countries like the UK and Germany have their governments throwing lights and laws to their people for the recycling process and on waste management. Effective measures are initiated by different countries which should be focused on.

Germany Trends On Recycling The Most

  • As per the World Economic Forum, Germany has been entitled to recycling the most waste globally. Still, there are loads of congestion as per Eunomia as different countries tend to showcase the percentage of recycling waste in the world.
  • Speaking of Germany, the country tends to recycle nearly 56% of the municipal waste. Along with the government, citizens are also making active participation in the waste management process.
  • Germany’s Green Coalition government launched the PFand deposit factor to restrain the place from littering gained good responses.

South Korea – Highest Ranking Asian Country For Recycling Waste

  • As per the latest sources, South Korea has been trending one number one on Bloomberg’s Innovation Index. Reports stated that the country has top-notch disposable income worldwide as well as the highest recycling rates of municipal waste in Asia. The percentage is round about 53%.
  • The country has taken the initiative of collecting separate waste in separate bags, installed in every neighborhood.
  • There are different bin sections namely – Food Waste (음식물쓰레기), General Waste (일반쓰레기), Bulky Wastes, Paper (종이), PET Bottles (페트병), Vinyl (비닐), Plastic플라스틱, Styrofoam, Yogurt and Yakult Containers, Glass Bottles (유리(병), Cans (캔 (철, 얼미늄), Metals (고철).

Oregon –  the first state to pass a bill intended to increase recycling

  • In 1971, Oregon became the first US state to pass a bill for recycling. The intention was to increase the process of recycling.
  •  The Bottle Deposit Laws were taken seriously by California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oregon, and Vermont.

What is this Bottle Deposit Law?

Living up to the quoted definition, Bottle Deposit Law restrains or rather wants to omit “beverage container manufacturers, soft drink bottlers, beer, wine and liquor distributors and retail grocers.” Loads of reputed brands have been tagged as opponents.

Sweden Soon To Become Zero Waste Society

  • Sweden is looking forward to different developments and opportunities in recycling waste. In 2017, the Swedish government refurbished the taxing process to let people gain cheaper repairs through used items.
  • The reputable Swedish brand, H&M formulated a recycling scheme where customers entitled to get a good discount by trading old clothes. On the other hand, researchers worked efficiently for seeking new clothing materials which are not a threat to the environment.

Before the country has the can and bottle deposit process where people got back their money when they recycled. This occurred from 1984, applicable for aluminum cans and since 1994 for plastic bottles. Every year Sweden recycles nearly 1.8 million bottles and cans through the use of their Swedish verb called Panta.

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