Best Eco-Friendly Gadgets In 2019 That Is A Boon To The Planet

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From saving the Earth from water wastage to tracking our vitals, 2019 was all about smart gadgets that were both planet-friendly and health-friendly. Here’s our top 10 list

Every year is revolutionary. There has been the launch of many innovative gadgets that have been making our daily lives even simpler and healthier. 2019 is the year that has welcomed sustainability, enhanced lifestyle and a better relationship with the plant. And this all has been possible with the involvement of new devices, gadgets.

We all have been looking for ways to save water, harness solar energy and keep track of our daily lives. Here are some of the best gadgets that have made 2019 healthier for us and the planet.

Water is the source of life

Water needs to be saved at any cost. We have been learning this since our childhood. And this needs to be implemented after what you have seen the floods and droughts in Chennai, Bihar and the November rainstorms in different parts of India.

More than 76 million people in India are deprived of clean drinking water. Such should be an eye-opener for everybody. Here have been some of the innovative gadgets with the aspect to conserve water.

The Quamist Adaptor – Saving 90% of Water That We Consume

This Adaptor is priced at Rs 660 that retrofits on a standard-sized tap. Needs less than a minute for installation, you can do the fitting all by yourself. It comes with 2 settings that will further allow you to control the flow of water with just a twist.

Many have taken water conservation seriously and have been buying this misty adaptor for saving water than wasting otherwise. It is the time that you too take those little initiatives.

 Economist water adaptors  – Best For commercial spaces

Just like the Quamist adaptor, this water adaptors can be installed in a fraction of seconds. It helps in converting the normal flow of water into a gentle mist. This will further allow you to use 10 percent of the water than the normal flow of the same.

Your handwashing experience will not get compromised, thanks to the circumference. This waster adaptor costs Rs 550. Apt for small offices or commercial spaces with different basins or sinks.

A set of aerators  – Apt For Joint family

People who are looking forward to saving water and money, this water adaptor is the best. It comes with a pack of 4 costing Rs 400. Every installation saves nearly 80 per cent of water. The Karnival water aerator fits on most standard taps with a nozzle diameter of 22mm.

Make your home planet-friendly with this eco-friendly purchase. Install it in basins and sinks. With a couple of use, you will be able to get accustomed to this.

Saving water is not just making less use of it. Rather you should use water wisely. It is about understanding and having knowledge of water-filtering devices. They are cheaper than purchasing plastic bottles of mineral water. The trends saw concerned with hard water buying more filtration devices and travellers opting for bottles that purify water on the go. We hope such trends spill on over to the next year too.

D’Cal hard water softener

Hard water softener goes best with the use of this model. It is the best range for independent homes. Within weeks, you will be able to notice the difference. Like, the white reside in your buckets and bathroom floors will considerably reduce.

Portable Water Filter for Bottles

NirNal is going to be your reliable partner. Packs of costs Rs 297. Each water filter purified 300 litres of water and lasts to 60 days. So, you do not have to worry about potable water during your next trip. All you have to do is to carry this water purifier that fits into most narrow-mouth bottles.

Solar Power

When you are travelling in remote areas of India, you are often left with no electric connection. Thus, you do not get to charge your phone. Whether you are in a village or Himalayas, the sun brightens every day and can help your solar-powered devices.

A Solar lamp and Mobile Charger

2 things that have become the necessities for any traveller are a lamp and a phone. But when you do not get a charging point what would you do? You purchase a solar lamp and charger for sure. Priced at Rs 1799, this model can function for up to 72 hours straight with a full charge and comes with common phone adaptors.

Solar lamp with MP3 player and Radio

This model comes with a lamp, phone charger along with a radio and MP3 player for keeping your entertained throughout your trip. Tune into your favourite music wherever you head to. Find online the best portable charger, connect with your headphone and you are good to go.

Healthcare trends in 2019

There are simple facts and figures like monitoring your vitals when you are travelling long distances. Here are some of the best healthcare and lifestyle devices that have caught our attention.

Smart Medical Alert Wristband

Now, your health is in your hands. With the help of this wrist band, create an online profile regarding your existing health problems and you can track your vitals wherever you go. You can also have your medical history in a mobile app, a website or share it with your closed ones. This wristband does not need any special app and a simple QR code scan will help in accessing all the information.

SmartCane for people with visual impairment

People who have a visual impairment can now have the best way to find their way with their walking stick. Remove the obstacles in your way with the help of a smart cane that is specifically designed for helping the user with such issues. It makes use of ultrasonic waves and creates distinct vibration patterns to warn the user.

Contactless, Smart Health Monitor

People who are suffering from acute health issues will not be able to get regular health reports to track their diet, exercise, rest periods and more. With Dozen-a contactless health monitor, they can do so in their sleep! Literally. Place the monitor under your mattress, plug it in, pair it with the Dozen app on your phone and sleep. The monitor will take care of the rest.

Here are some of the gadgets and devices that we have delved into in 2019 to make life easier, simpler, healthier and eco-friendly. Why don’t you get your hands on any one of them to bring little changes in your life.

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