Abu Dhabi Creates An Exceptional Mosaic By Recycling Waste

Abu Dhabi mosaic news

Image source: khaleejtimes.com

It took a month to create an impeccable mosaic that showcases the features of all the severe emirates

UAE has been making records after records. As per meeting the Global recycling news, Abu Dhabi has created an exceptional record for its magnificent Masdar City. Just next to Abu Dhabi’s international airport, all the new flagship development has garnered huge recognition. Breaking the barriers globally, an event the Guinness World Record, the country formulated and successfully created the world’s largest mosaic.

Made from recycled items, the mosaic measures to about 1015 metre square. It is equivalent to 2 basketball courts, the workers worked diligently for a month to this successful creation. Implementation of more than 90,500 recycled materials, the largest mosaic is curated through waste items like plastic cans, bottles, cardboard and other wastes.

People largely came out in support of building this masterpiece. Active participation of school children, Masdar city employees, as well as nearly residents, made it a successful venture for presenting this beauty to the world. It sets an example to the people and the world how recycling materials could create beauty!

The scenario could be viewed from the air as well as from Masdar City’s observation deck. It is picturesque with the revolution of the UAE. Enlightening on all seven emirates, the features are all set aloof and sets a huge example of beauty through waste management and recycling.

Does it profess any hidden message to the people?

  • The mosaic was presented right with Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2020. There are agendas, initiative and pavement of encouragement to all the people worldwide.
  • The initiative has been all about inducing the ideology and belief of taking a step closer towards recycling, reusing and reducing waste.
  • Guinness World Record representatives entitled Masdar City with recorded certification on a very eventful ceremony in the first week of 2020.

Words By the Executive Direct of Sustainable Real Estate at Masdar

Yousef Baselaib stated that Masdar City will keep on promoting itself and enthuse the ideology and initiatives towards waste management. The development of impeccable beauty is a medium of art portraying the commitment of the people of the UAE. An initiative towards protecting the environment, people are largely engaging themselves for a greener tomorrow.

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