Paperex 2019 focused on saving the environment and making lives easier for reducing and promote recycling


CEO of Century paper and VP of Indian Paper & Manufacturers Association told that paper industry will transform and use less power and water. Cost of recycled paper production is 30 to 40 percent cheaper. It depends all on the location.

Needs for better packaging and demand for the products will drive the paper and related products in India in the coming years. Of 9.1 billion tonnes of plastic, 6.9 billion tons are waste, 9 percent is recycled and the rest is in landfills and water.

Plastic consumption of India is 11 kg/capita lessen than half of the global average of 28/kg. The US’ per capita consumption of 109 kg, while it is 65 kg in Europe and 38 kg in China. PM Narendra Modi focuses on eliminating single-use plastics by 2022 following the major countries around the world.

Study states that chips and confections packets go for the largest share of plastic waste in India. 12 per cent of total plastic waste is bottle caps and lids, 19 per cent are chips and confectionery packets, 10 per cent are pet bottles, 8 per cent garbage bags and 8 per cent is the packaging.

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