Molly – The Wonder Dog Sets An Example For Waste Management And A Healthier Environment

labrador helps owner to collect trash

Credit - SWNS

We, humans have failed to love our environment where a dog set an example for not littering the environment and play around the clean coastline

We have all aww-ed when it comes to adorable pictures and videos of dogs. But this news is something which has caught a little off-guard. Yes! 2-year labrador retriever named Molly is the sole helping hand to recover trash and waste from their local English Beach.

Cater, the owner stated of how Molly loved playing with plastic bottles. The energy of picking such items slowly progressed that it almost turned into a great waste management example. All she wants to hear is ‘good girl Molly’ and she’s a happy dog’ and the result is right in front of you.

The coastline around Scarborough had shocked Cater to which both she and Molly took the responsibility of cleaning the litter. Few months of training did a miracle. From ropes to plastic bottles, Molly is the wonder dog is finding such trash and beautify the environment.

Well! Molly has become a sensation, a celebrity! Her energetic aura and urge to keep the environment clean of all the litters sets an example to we, humans! Have we not failed in front of these paw-babbies? Isn’t this a wake up call for all of us to not litter the environment, recycle trash and keep our surroundings clean!

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